Caldron AI

用 AI 技术为影像行业赋能

AI Digital Human Generation

Assisting enterprises and users to enter metaverse with cutting-edge AI technologies in digital human generation and driving


Hyper-Realistic Generation

A couple of photos taken by cell-phone camera and a few minutes to get a digital human 90%+ similar to the original character

High-Precision Driving

Daily inputs such as text or video captured by cell-phone to drive the digital human in both facial and body movements

Anthropomorphic Interaction

Embeded AI technologies such as semantic understanding, knowledge map etc. to achieve “anthropomorphic” communication

Various Application Scenarios

Digital human, as a material part of metaverse, is being applied to various segments including martech, retail, entertainment, education etc.

AI Image Enhancer

Revive old, pixelated, blurred, low-resolution or damaged photos to high-definition with vivid expression

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AI Open Platform

Hundreds of high quality AI algorithms ready to go, covering mainstream application scenarios of image processing tasks

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APPs Empowered by AI

Our proprietary App products bring enjoyment and limitless convenience to millions of users world-wide

AI Restoration

Bring your old memories back to life



Make still photos alive with animated expressions



Turn ordinary video content to animation



Tarot card reading with astrology predictions